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Donna Jeanne Koepp - Artist

I'm a native Nevadan who has created one form of art or craft since I was a kid. I always come back to drawing, painting and using animals as my subjects. My love of vintage oddities, whether old sheet music or oil cans, have surfaced in my recent work.

I developed a creative strategy that keeps me fresh and working. I arrive at my art space, White Wolf Studio, every morning at 5am. I dive right into the project at hand. Whether sewing a quirky sculpture or painting a beloved pet, I get a few hours in of continuous work. I find my creative muse is fully awake before my inner critic begins to stir. 

I believe I'm afflicted by a condition I refer to as Multiple Muse Disorder. Which simply means I'm a life learner. I'm always struck by new ideas, new techniques or any inspiration that grabs me. I've learned to rein it in though and strive to create with combinations of techniques that keep my muses happy.

Upcoming Events

Instructing at Copper Cat Studio

Why Gouache, June 1, 2023

and July 18, 2923

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Trash to Treasurers Challenge, Reno Quilt Show, June 15-17, 2023, Grand Sierra Resort INFORMATION

Gouache Demonstration, Sierra Watercolor Society, January 13, 2024, 1-3pm

Reno Marketplace INFORMATION

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Past Exhibitions


Group Shows

2023 Choose Your Poison, a Wedge Outside the Box, UNR, Fabric Sculpture

2023 Senior Artists Exhibit, McKinley Arts Center, Gouache Painting

2022 Dolls and Effigies, a Wedge Outside the Box, UNR, Fabric Sculpture

2020-2021 Pandemic Shutdown

2019 Wild Women at Work, Summit Mall, Mixed Media

2018 Wild Women at Play, UNR, Mixed Media

2018 Wild Women Demos, TMCC, Mixed Media

2018 Mothers of Invention, Wedge Ceramic Studio, Gouache on Vintage Paper

2017 City of Trembling Leaves, UNR, Watercolor on Paper

2017 Wild Women-Alphabet, Summit Mall, Watercolor on Paper

2017 Identity, TMCC, Mixed Media and Acrylic Paint

2017 Rural Circus, TMCC, Needle Felt, Mixed Media

2017 It's About Time, Wedge Ceramic Studio, Needle Felt on Vintage Finds

2017 Beverly and Her Stuff, a Wedge Outside the Box, UNR, Mixed Media

2016 Wild Women-Over the Moon, Gouache on Paper


edible RENO-TAHOE, COOKS! Vol.11/No.3 2020



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